What is an SRES?

Created by the National Association of Realtors, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (or SRES) is specifically trained for the challenges and situations that clients age fifty and over face, including cultivating a network of related senior specialists in fields such as estate planning and tax counseling so that the SRES can provide a truly outstanding client experience.

Agents who gain the SRES designation have to complete a set of training courses on senior real estate challenges and needs. SRES agents are trained in no-pressure approaches to senior real estate needs, including suggesting housing alternatives to buying a new home or ways that a senior may be able to age in place instead of downsizing or making other moves. SRES professionals are also trained to identify senior resources in communities to help people find the best community fit, should they decide that moving is the right option for them.



The Healthcare Industry describes adverse as “care that fell below the standard” or was not the “intended outcome” and the results were injury or sometimes death. In life, we sometimes are faced with such adverse events. Illness, injury, disability, divorce, separation. Any life event that is unexpected and you are unprepared or unable to continue status quo.

Though typically not working, people facing serious illness or injury still can be booked with medical visits and rehabilitation. They have little time or energy to handle the details of a home sale as are those facing divorce or separation. These clients are preoccupied with getting their lives back on tract.

Under these conditions, you will benefit from partnering with a Professional who has the skill, knowledge and expertise. You don’t want a loose-lipped agent who talks all over town about your desperation as this could seriously impair your bargaining position relative to buyers. Angie Primus is both capable and sympathetic and can help you navigate thru often times delicate real estate transactions while dealing with stressful adverse life event. She is “Your Realtor On Call”!